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JavaScript is disabled. The first two satellites (SAT A) are located at 107.3 west longitude; the other satellite (SAT B) is located at 111.1 west longitude. -134.0 West EXPRESS-A4 google_ad_channel = "3143607516"; Use only rG-6 grade coaxial cable. It is owned by the E. W. Scripps Company alongside NBC affiliate WPTV-TV (channel 5); Scripps also provides certain services to Fox affiliate WFLX (channel 29) under a shared services agreement (SSA) with Gray Television.The stations share studios on South . This will prevent the roof from leaking. Do not over tighten Hi/Lo Screws. -86.1 West SIRIUS FM-5 Tech Kelly takes you through the simple steps of satellite dish alignment for Shaw Direct. Show details. Your xKu LNB and elliptical dish will be aimed to receive signal from all three satellites. Also available HDDSR600 satellite receivers,$75., . -55.0 West INMARSAT 5-F2 An inclinometer may be The biggest blockbusters. advertisements. . 150.5 East BRISAT Shaw Direct uses both the Anik F1 (107.3W) Anik F2 (111.1W) satellites. -135.2 West WGS F6 (USA 244) Check the mount for movement. Now, install the dish pointer between the ends you just added. Channel list 95W Channel list 99W Channel list 103W. Adjust the Skew Alignment Mark with the scale indicator to the SAT B skew setting you recorded earlier. Therefore you arent going to get a full signal, but you should be able to receive many Canadian channels on your Shaw Direct dish, You will also want to get an app for your phone. Manual includes a brief overview, a list of tools required, and installation instructions. 143.5 East INMARSAT 4-F1 47.9 East INSAT-4CR Satellite Finder / Dish Alignment Calculator with Google Maps | Android and iOS App | DISHPOINTER Your location e.g. Check any obstructions at that elevation. The first step to setting up your dish is to point the dish in a Every week, we add more satellites and functionality to the app. 42.0 East TURKSAT 3A If this applies to your dish: Check that the pole is upright. Home; . 68.5 East INTELSAT 36 (IS-36) 37.8 East ATHENA-FIDUS -24.5 West INTELSAT 905 (IS-905) If youre not sure, contact Shaw Direct for more information. I am trying to get bell hd from lakeland florida but not having much luck pointing the dish do you have the exact coordinates? Use is entirely at your own risk. For possible periodic removal of snow, choose a site that is easily accessible. Set the dish elevation angle first. 55.1 East GSAT-16 Moteck SG2100 Motor* It is important not underestimate the detail involved in pointing your dish accurately to obtain maximum performance. To do this youll need a small wrench to loosen the bolts on the sides of the dish. The Dish Stand and Pole Must Be Properly Mounted. All rights reserved. 131.9 East VINASAT-2 The first two satellites (SAT A) are at 107.3 degrees west longitude, while the third satellite (SAT B) is at 111.1 degrees west longitude. Updated 10 May 2021. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the cables as this often works. 128.0 East JCSAT-3A The latitude and longitude of the centre of the map is then shown below the map, Dish Assembly which consists of assembling the pieces provided to form a complete satellite dish. Shaw Direct Brand new LNB Brand new full DISH AND XKU LNB $120 Brand new LNB" NOT DISH" $60 pick up from Richmond Hill Install HD one room for $200 no dish Install PVR 2 Lines in . 91.5 East MEASAT-3A Thats about all I use this for. google_ad_format = "468x15_0ads_al"; Satellite List: June, 22 2015 - World Magnetic Model: 2015-2020 Enter address: City, Country. J. joshuals SatelliteGuys Pro. -41.2 West TDRS 12 This is the elevation you want. -50.0 West INTELSAT 9 (IS-9) -12.5 West EUTELSAT 12 WEST B 122.1 East ASIASAT 9 132.0 East VINASAT-1 19.6 East ASTRA 2B PowerTech DG240/DG280 Motor* -91.1 West NIMIQ 6 49.0 East YAMAL 601 The results of this page may be in error. 70.5 East EUTELSAT 70B different name, same satellite. *Always keep grounding requirements in mind. and select -123.0 West GALAXY 18 (G-18). It is important not underestimate the detail involved in pointing your dish accurately to obtain maximum performance. 103.0 East EXPRESS-AM3 Use a compass to determine roughly where to point your dish. After youve chosen a satellite, youll be able to view a variety of details about it, including its geographical zone, longitude, accessible band frequencies, azimuth, elevation, and polarization angles, all of which are determined based on your location. 19.2 East ASTRA 1L The Shaw TV satellite dish offers two different sized Quad-LNB fixed satellite dish solutions: Shaw Direct 60E (84cm / 33") Shaw Direct 75E (36"/ 90cm) Portable. Product description. 80.3 East COSMOS 2513 You want to be sure there is no power going through the cable before you do this next part: What I did is disconnect the cable from the dish LNB and cut off about a foot from the end. You can improve the accuracy of "Dish Setup" results by putting the blue mark on your home area. How to install your new xKu LNBF satellite dish, How to align your Shaw Direct satellite dish, How to connect and activate your receiver, Troubleshooting Blue, Black or Snowy Screen. -15.5 West MUOS-3 86.2 East FENGYUN 2E 33.1 East EUTELSAT 33E Wait out the storm and you will get your signal back. Walk in a straight line holding the GPS and it will tell you the true bearing of that Your Shaw Direct 75 CM Satellite Dish Kit contains the following components:1. Satellite Look Angles are listed for both Satellite A (107.3W longitude) and Satellite B (111.1W longitude). See satellites in augmented reality and target them straight on your display. Leave your satellite dish on the roof, and let SATELLITE BG help you get connected in Florida! Shaw dish satellite tv coordinates for ft qu appelle. complex to maintain. Now that youve got the dish roughly aligned with the compass bearing from left to right, The second step is to vertically position the dish. 128.5 East LAOSAT 1 -164.8 West NSS-6 157.1 East INTELSAT 1R (IS-1R) Visit SHAW.CA to see if service is available in your area. But dont cheap out and get the dollar store ones. -101.2 West DIRECTV 9S 42.5 East NIGCOMSAT 1R To find satellite signal without a meter, you need to I have removed the Geocoding option to enter your ZIP code or your town name to save . 83.0 East IRNSS-1C Jul 18, 2009. For more information, reference the manufacturers instruction manual. -103.4 West INMARSAT 3-F2 I then crimped on 2 new ends to each cable, and saved the barrel connector for later. To ensure an accurate compass reading, stay away from large metal objects. When the signal quality is sufficient, the Lock indicator will display OK. The Network ID for the Astra 2 satellite should be 0002, with the Transport Stream set to 07d4. If the Network ID displays any other information, you have locked onto the incorrect satellite and must re-align the satellite dish and reset your Sky decoder. 52.0 East TURKMENALEM52E/MONACOSAT -0.7 West THOR 7 100.0 East ASTRA 2A If your receiver installer menu displays signal strength of between 80 and 90%, you have successfully aligned the dish to the Shaw Direct satellite. -110.0 West ECHOSTAR 11 -92.0 West BRASILSAT B4 Signal Strength, Signal Quality, Lock Indicator, Network ID, and Transport Stream are all indicators of how strong a signal is. When your dish is pointed almost straight up the elevation angle is nearly 90 degrees. -61.4 West ECHOSTAR 18 Community Experts online right now. You will also want to get an app for your phone. 80.0 East BEIDOU-3 G2 31.2 East EDRS-C . 5/5. An improperly secured mount will affect dish performance. If not, repeat the steps above until you have the strongest signal you can. -8.0 West EUTELSAT 8 WEST B -85.1 West XM-3 (RHYTHM) -73.9 West AMAZONAS 4A 165.8 East ELEKTRO-L 3 Using your compass, point the LNB in the direction corresponding to the SAT B azimuth setting (see Figure J). Typically a signal strength reading of -101.0 West SES-1 155.0 East TJS-1 Make sure the installation of the dish conforms to local electrical and building codes, zoning requirements and other applicable laws and regulations. 107 and 111. Then you can position your house by dragging and pointing. 129.6 East IRNSS-1G Tips for Canadian Snowbirds Braving Canadas Winter. There -81.0 West ARSAT 2 54.9 East YAMAL 402 Spend less . -121.0 West GALAXY 23 (G-23) 112.1 East FENGYUN 2F for (r=1; r<=NumberSatellites; r++) { Take care with satellite dish pointing to not injure others by Satellite Locator Chart Tool to Quickly Find the Compass Azimuth, Elevation and Skew for your Shaw Direct Dish. -92.8 West ICO G1 Satellite 1: West. 137.7 East USA 157 (MILSTAR-2 2) document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); If your receiver installer menu displays signal strength of, Our unique elliptical dish receives signal from all, The horizontal alignment refers to the position of the satellite emitting the signal. 94.7 East LUCH 5V 160.0 East OPTUS D1 17.1 East INMARSAT 3-F1 -99.2 West DIRECTV 14 } Work with a partner who can monitor the changes in signal strength from the television. 97.3 East GSAT-9 160.0 East BEIDOU 6 109.8 East BSAT-4A Updated 27 Oct 2021 to Mapbox version 2.5.1 for IOS15 104.7 East FENGYUN 4A 52.5 East YAHSAT 1A Multi Satellite The NFL season openers and salted caramel popcorn beckoned, and I had already stocked the minibar with beer. A Zone Map is included with each Maxview satellite dish kit. Consult Shaw Direct if the cable will exceed this length. Your ultimate television experience is here! 50.5 East NSS-5 109.9 East BSAT-3B Shaw Direct IRC600 Remote Control. 55.0 East IRNSS-1A -73.0 West ASTRA 1D -84.8 West AMC-2 (GE-2) For DirecTV network, select -95, -99 or -103 orbit position. Channels: 91W From the best sports to award-winning dramas, Shaw Direct connects you to over 225 HD channels. If you are looking at other Disc alignment calculators use the figures for the Anik F1R 107.3 Anik F2 111.0 Satellite. Select location entry type: by City Name. 147.5 East ASIASAT 3S Required fields are marked *. Shaw Satellite TV portable solutions are designed for mobility and suited to outdoor, RV, or maritime use. 132.1 East JCSAT-5A DISH Hopper + & Joey 4 Android TV Support, Dish Network 4th Quarter Report early Preview. Hardware packet. Connecting the Receiver consists of connecting your Shaw Direct satellite receive to the dish, tuning to the correct channel, and fine-tuning the dish based on the satellite signal readings provided. Look for Anik F1 and F2. Slide the Dish/Clamp Mount Assembly onto the mast by loosening the (2) Azimuth Clamp Bolts (see Figure C) and the Elevation Pivot Bolt just enough to slide the assembly until it makes contact with the Elevation Pivot Bolt (see Figure I). The page I linked to was for Star Choice now called Shaw. Tutorial includes a list of tools required, a list of equipment you'll receive, and installation instructions. Your email address will not be published. Do not drill any holes until youve confirmed the best location for the dish. If you install the dish on the roof or side of your house, be sure to attach the bolts into a building stud, rafter or other solid surface. 110.0 East BSAT-3C (JCSAT-110R) -116.8 West EUTELSAT 117 WEST A 74.8 East ABS-2A (MONGOLSAT-1) 26.0 East BADR-7 (ARABSAT-6B) -84.0 West STAR ONE D1 To adjust the azimuth of your satellite dish: Use your compass to determine which direction is west. 25.1 East SKYNET 5B With Shaw Direct, you can enjoy over 350 HD channels as well as over 10,000 On Demand titles. 47.0 East SYRACUSE 3A Add both to Cart. Database is updated every week (daily for PRO users), To effortlessly set up your TV antenna, utilize this four-step alignment tool (PRO users). If you cant rotate the dish, choose an alternate location. 13.2 East COMSATBW-2 129.9 East CHINASAT 1A (ZX 1A) -69.9 West VIASAT-2 136.0 East JCSAT-17 -89.0 West GALAXY 28 (G-28) 163.5 East YAMAL 202 You can either use the sites auto detection feature (below where it says location) or type in the address. 47.9 East GSAT-31 by pointing on map bellow, ( Choose a satellite ) This, in turn, determines at which angle the stylus sits on the record groove. 175.0 East WGS F7 (USA 263) The mounting surface should be flat, even and in good condition. Basic skills in construction, wiring and assembly will also be required to successfully complete the installation. -67.5 West AEHF-2 (USA 235) Finally, lock it in place by securely tightening the Skew Adjustment Bolts. We update the app every week with new satellites and features. 84.9 East HORIZONS 2 -113.1 West MORELOS 3 together with your satellite dish pointing azimuth, elevation and skew angles. Locate the tick mark on the compass edge corresponding to the SAT B azimuth number you wrote down earlier (see Figure F). -115.3 West XM-4 (BLUES) If the bubble levels (horizontal and vertical) are not centered, rotate the mast (in the curved slot) until it is plumb. Elevation: 51.8 Azimuth: 173.5 true or 162.6 magnetic Skew: 84.5 on a standard Shaw dish (or rotate 5.5 degrees counterclockwise looking from behind the dish) . 20.1 East ARABSAT-5C 128.3 East GEO-KOMPSAT-2B Works for me. 7.0 East EUTELSAT 7C Twist the dish until you hear the tone really loud. -27.5 West INTELSAT 901 (IS-901) The Satellite Pointer is a useful tool that makes it simple to place your TV dish. -67.9 West ECHOSTAR 23 } -100.9 West AT&T T-16 . -30.0 West SPAINSAT 101.4 East TIANTONG-1 1 Thank you. change so that you can home in accurately on your location. If YES, go to Step 4 and continue with the installation. 26.0 East BADR-5 This Guide provides all the information required to setup your satellite system. google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; After that, go to the SERVICES menu and select SYSTEM SETUP (number 4) then SIGNAL TEST (number 6). 41.4 East METEOSAT-8 (MSG-1) -105.0 West AMC-15 If you are unsure, contact a local electrician or building inspector for assistance. 75.0 East MUOS-4 The latitude and longitude are not intended for the blind navigation of aircraft, ship or other vehicle Ensure there are no visible obstructions between the dish and your line of sight to the satellites. Follow the coaxial wire from the dish to the receiver, avoiding any splitters, joiners, or surge protectors. by pointing on map bellow. RV Park Etiquette. Choose the Satellite or Hybrid map version to see the satellite photo image of the ground ! 44.0 East THURAYA-2 -141.1 West USA 254 You should also have a compass handy. All LNBs (except those used for receiving circular polarised signals) require their rotational angle (skew) to be set within certain limits in order to minimise errors in data received. 162.9 East APSTAR 6 1 ratings. Updated to Mapbox GL JS 26 April 2020. A clean vs. dirty dish may boost curb appeal, but 1- choose a satellite and authorize geolocation to determine the direction of the antenna . -129.0 West GALAXY 12 (G-12) -138.9 West SPACEWAY 2 139.0 East SBIRS GEO-3 (USA 282) 81.5 East CHINASAT 1C (ZX 1C) Shaw Direct will ensure the correct channel map is set for your receiver and verify the reception of each satellite. Turn the little knob on the device up until you start hearing a tone. The satellites that deliver telecoms, satellite TV & digital services are in geo-stationary orbit in space and orbit around the equator. 91.5 East MEASAT-3 -97.0 West GALAXY 19 (G-19) Tilt your dish up until you are around 47 and tighten the bolts. To do that, press the little satellite icon at the upper right. } This occurs north of the 60 deg latitude line. 113.1 East KOREASAT 5 (MUGUNGWHA 5) -133.0 West GALAXY 15 (G-15) If you are new to RVing read this! 58.9 East TJS-3 AKM 26.3 East USA 270 45.1 East AZERSPACE 2 (IS-38) Ask for FREE. 88.4 East WGS F4 (USA 233) $58.38. 113.0 East PALAPA D Dish Network Dish1000 (110-119-129) 9.2 East METEOSAT-10 (MSG-3) Make sure you get new ends meant for the heavier satellite cable. This page is on the web site and is strictly Copyright Satellite Signals Limited (c) 2006 All rights reserved. . Ask for FREE. At the dish install site, hold a compass level and still in the palm of your hand. In high elevation cases watch out for the possibility of rain water collecting in the dish. If you do not have the experience to perform these tasks, contact Shaw Direct for assistance. Since this is a stationary device that may be exposed to high winds, make sure it can withstand potentially adverse weather. To get the elevation you want, go to opens in a new window) and select -123.0 West GALAXY 18 (G-18). Astra 28.2E is the name for the group of Astra communications satellites co-located at the 28.2 East position in the Clarke Belt that are owned and operated by SES based in Betzdorf, Luxembourg. Cable grade type is indicated on the outer jacket of the cable. -124.9 West AMC-21 compatibility. Place the inclinometer on the back frame of the dish (taking in to account any dish offset if . 4.8 East ASTRA 4A (SIRIUS 4) Turn down the tone volume and continue playing with the dish, moving it back and forth until you are confident that the tone you hear is the loudest it can be. (2) 1/4 X 1-3/4 Long Carriage Head Bolts (Antenna Mounting Bolts-Painted Head), (2) 1/4 Flat Washers and (2) 1/4 Whiz Nuts. -54.0 West INMARSAT 3-F5 Satellites Orbit Ask Your Question Fast! Thanks, Use this link, put in your street name and postal code. 96.5 East EXPRESS-AM33 -20.1 West AL YAH 3 Now open the app you installed on your phone and put in the correct satellite. -131.0 West AMC-11 (GE-11) Read the "Satellite Self-Installation Manual" by clicking on the image below to learn how to install your new satellite dish on your own. Tighten the Elevation Pivot Bolt just enough to hold it in place on the mast. A satellite meter is required to get the best signal. Rotate your satellite dish slowly from the west towards the east, while monitoring the broadcast signal level on the signal meter of the Dish Pointing menu. Tilt your dish up until you are around 47 and tighten the bolts. The page now includes I have decided to change the whole page to Mapbox, which is what 85.2 East INTELSAT 15 (IS-15) I tried, at certain times of day when my Google daily use limit ran out to switch to maps from Mapbox / Open Street Map. of use. -128.1 West GOES 15 -58.0 West INTELSAT 21 (IS-21) 110.5 East CHINASAT 10 (ZX 10) -40.5 West SES-6 Drag and drop the blue marker to pinpoint the place. 88.0 East ST-2